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Introducing the Alis Standard Straight Blunt+Blunt Forceps, A-Gen-127-13, a versatile and essential tool for a wide range of medical procedures. With a length of 13cm (5 inches), this forceps is meticulously designed to provide optimal control and precision during delicate operations. Manufactured with premium materials, the forceps are built to withstand rigorous use in medical environments, ensuring reliability and longevity. The straight blunt+blunt tips offer a secure grip, making it ideal for handling tissues and sutures with ease. Its ergonomic design guarantees comfortable handling and enhances surgical performance. From wound dressing to suturing, the Alis Standard Straight Blunt+Blunt Forceps are the perfect addition to any medical toolkit, trusted by healthcare professionals for their quality and versatility.

1.Versatile Medical Tool: The Alis Standard Straight Blunt+Blunt Forceps, A-Gen-127-13, is a multipurpose instrument suitable for various medical procedures.

2.Optimal Length: With a length of 13cm (5 inches), these forceps offer precise control during delicate operations.

3.Premium Build: Crafted with top-quality materials, the forceps are durable, ensuring long-lasting performance in medical settings.

4.Comfortable Handling: The forceps' ergonomic design ensures comfortable and effortless handling, enhancing surgical precision.