Royal International - Percision With Passion

The flagship of Royal International can be traced from early 1973 at Jalandhar Royal International provides its assured quality conscious services that dates back to 1973 as a turn key manufacturers, exporters and distributors of extensive range of surgical instruments. Recognized as a dominant player in International & National market, Royal International . has the success credited to the constant & able invigilation of the owner, Mr. Neeraj Verma. Ever since the endowment, Royal International  manufactures & exports wide range Tweezers and surgical Instruments according to the international standards & specification to match the world market. Focused on the precision of quality at each step, right from the selection of raw material to the making Surgical Instruments; at Royal each product undergoes stringent quality tests to determine the durability of the products that are rolled out.

The core strength of the group’s success lies in the management’s corporate culture that honours the commitment to quality, the customer driven strategy, vigorous involvement in the community and continuous investment in technology. Focusing on innovation as the major criterion, the Group today is recognized as a major player in Infrastructure sector.

The management of the Company believes that “Successful operation, performance and long term viability of any business depends on a continuous sequence of sound decision made individually or collectively by the management team. Every one of these decisions ultimately causes for better or worse, an economic impact on the business. In essence, the process of managing any enterprise amounts to making an ongoing series of economic choices, every time trading off costs or benefits”

India is rich in diversity and culture with a huge repository of natural resources. It also boasts of a large pool of human resource talent. Its economic reforms process and thrust on infrastructure development will only ensure that India is on a trajectory of rapid expansion in the coming years.

The voyage of the GROUP is moving on the growth trajectory with an expanding power sector, hence the promoters intends to expand its organized basket of products by moulding their endeavor and ideologies to suit client’s needs. The Company has been consistent in the quality & time commitment parameters, which is a key to infrastructure based industry.

The promoters are enjoying the goodwill for its quality and in this inflationary / competitive economy, where time is the key factor to control cost, the company has been successful in meeting out with its commitment as regards timely deliverables. Hence the Group is known for its “commitment for quality and timely deliverables”.

With due deliberation, we have set an audacious goal for the GROUP to be one of the most valuable companies in the ensuing years to come. By aiming higher, we hope to achieve bigger things. The basic objective being remain firmly committed to create unprecedented value for our stakeholders.

India is one of the most promising economies in the world today and VERMA GROUP acknowledges the position of this key market in the company’s rapidly expanding outlook and look forward for a strong national network in the ensuing years to come. The management’s constant efforts are to ensure a strong presence in the field of Infrastructure and more particularly in electrification equipment’s and parts and establish its brand equity in the said sector.

In the words of the Director “Those who neglect the new will remain at the back of the line; those who wait for luck to make things happen will be disappointed; those who let time manage their affairs will discover that time is a friend to those who work and take initiatives, but an enemy to those who depend on others and grow lazy.”

Surgical Instruments

ENT Instruments, Micro Vascular Instruments Orthopedics Neurosurgery General surgery Intestinal surgery Cardio surgery Gynecology surgery Hallow Wares surgery Diagnostic Laparoscopy Plastic Surgery Rhinoplasty Otology Tonsillectomy

Managing Goal Achievement is a dynamic personal growth journey toward higher productivity, personal satisfaction, self-confidence…whatever individual participants define as the necessary components for higher achievement. The promoters believe in creating positive, supportive, unbiased environment to minimize fear and heighten the potential for discovery learning

Conflicts in any of the five dimensions noted in the model prevent successful goal attainment. These conflicts can also torpedo productivity, achievement drive, self-respect, and personal satisfaction. The achievement of any goal – be it personal or professional – can only be realized when the five dimensions become congruent. Managing Goal Achievement triggers the internal assessment of actions, behaviors, and beliefs within each dimension, and then supports participants to congruence through behavior change and growth.

Our management philosophy focuses unwaveringly on how we intend to create value for our stakeholders. The central tenet of our strategy is to define our customer value proposition and relentlessly refine our internal processes to deliver this value proposition to our customers.

Our fundamental financial strategy is simple. To increase shareholder value, we have to increase our sales and reduce our cost. We can grow our revenue and raise productivity by lowering our direct and indirect expenses; by utilizing our financial and physical assets more efficiently; and by ensuring that any bloating costs in the organization are de-layered. The emerging markets of this region are becoming increasingly competitive even as customers here are becoming more sophisticated and demanding. In this light, the optimization of productivity is critical for the organisation if our Group is to continue its ascent.

While concerns in the GROUP have been consistently attaining its financial objectives; we do not believe in resting on our laurels. On the contrary, we believe in reinforcing the GROUP and safeguarding its continuity even as it becomes increasingly exposed to the attendant risks that come with growth and expansion. It is to this effect that, under the direction of the Board of Director.


All our products are manufactured as per specifications / standards specified by our clients. We had manufactured our products as per BS, DIN, ASTM, JIS, BIS standards. We also undertake manufacture of our products as per the client’s specifications.


We exercise rigid quality control at all the stages of the product manufacturing cycle. Our products had been approved by the Bureau of Indian Standards, and we had been licensed to put their mark on our products.