O.T. Table Motorised C-Arm Compatible

O.T. Table Motorised C-Arm Compatible

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  • Modern design Electric operation Table Radio Translucent Top for use of C-Arm Image Intensifier such as general surgery and certain special surgical procedure etc.
  • Eccentric position table column and inter changeable head & leg section for maximum use of C-Arm Image Intensifier.
  • Smooth and accurate positioning by remote control for Hi-LO, Trendelenburg  / Reverse Trendelenburg,  lateral Tilt & Head side Raising / Lowering 
  • Base and Column are covered with stainless steel sheet

Standard Accessories:
  • Rubber Mattress Set
  • Anaesthetist Support
  • padded Shoulder Support
  • Wrist Strap
  • Arm Rest
  • Padded Lateral Support
  • Padded lithotomy Crutches

Technical Data
  • Overall Length: 192cm
  • Width over side Railing: 57cm
  • Height 30° min. 40° Max.
  • Lift: 10 inches

Positions :
  • Trendelenburg & Reverse Trendelenburg: 25°       
  • Lateral tilt: Both side 22°
  • Head Section Detachable: 90° up
  • Leg Section: 90° down (Manual)
  • Flex / Reflex: 30° / 220°

  • Universal Orthopedic Attachment
  • S.S. Instrument Tray with hanger
  • S.S. Urology Tray
  • Neuro Surgery Attachment
  • Arm Surgery Attachment