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ULV Plastic Micro Fogger Machine

ULV Plastic Micro Fogger Machine

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Even for nearly invisible 0.5-15 micron droplets required by concentrated ULV chemicals, Micro Fogger offers exceptional droplet size control.The Micro Fogger can treat 20 to 4,000 cubic feet per minute, cutting down on labour expenses and application time. The Micro Fogger is equally useful whether you require high output and huge droplets.


  1. Maximum coverage in comparison to other traditional fumigators.
  2. Glass filled nylon body.
  3. Indicator of Chemical Level.
  4. 100% Portable, Convenient, and Simple to Use.
  5. 0-60 minute internal timer.
  6. Durable Corrosion-Free Body


  1. Body & Tank: Shockproof & Ultra Durable Nylon Glass Filled Body
  2. 6 liters can be stored in the tank for chemicals.
  3. Nozzle: 1 Rotating, Non-Clogging Nozzle
  4. Particle Size: 0.5 to 15 microns, variable. Particle size can be impacted by viscosity and density.
  5. Range: 20–40 feet in visible fog
  6. 0-60 minute inbuilt timer

Details of the warranty are as follows: Motor Brushes, Tank Gaskets, and Timer are not covered by any warranty and are protected for a period of one year from the date of purchase against defects in materials and workmanship.

NOTE: When moving a fogger by hand, move it smoothly and slowly. Rapidly spinning fan blades are subjected to severe torque by sudden movements, which may result in early blade loss.